Age Verifier

— Fully automated age verification at your vending machine

— Two-step verification look into the camera &
    put the document in to the document tray

•    Increase your sales with age restricted products.
•    Profit from age restricted products is higher.
•    Does not allow sales to minors.

The Age Verifier contains a biometric camera and own-made document tray that are most suitable for precise, quick and secure age verification on the spot at your vending machine.

Age Verifier

User at the vending machine is required only to look into the camera and put the ID card or driver’s license to the document tray.

User friendly

The device displays the process to the user and automates all excess steps.


Biometric camera and document tray provides four-factor verification on the spot.
•     Biometric face check
•     Matching 3D Face to 2D photo in the ID
•     Date of birth check
•     Document authenticity verification

Coming soon updated Age Verifier

A different metal and thickness was chosen, which resulted in a prototype 40% lighter without sacrificing product strength and reliability.

Our team makes every effort to keep the device as compact and lightweight as possible.

Due to the updated design and compact size, the client will primarily benefit from shipping costs, as well as in a more attractive appearance.

Age Verifier

Age verification for vending machines - demo video

Age Verification also:

- Enables Refreshment Service operators to expand into age restricted sales.
- Makes operators more competitive with traditional retailers, which have the ability for an on-site clerk to verify a customer's age.
- Can be installed in vending, kiosk machines and unattendant solutions.




Price per month
Unlimited verifications


Age Verifier

Hardware for age verification service on the spot


Age verification

Price per verification

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