Age Verifier for vending

Installs on the right side of the vending machine

Face recognition & Document Scan

API/MDB connections

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Age Verifier Kit

Complete your pick-up point solution with Age Verifier Kit

Age Check Kit will not dispense a purchase at pick-up point to minors and will reduce the risk of problems with the law

Dispense adult goods at pick-up points only to Adults

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Age Verifier for self-checkout

Automates age verification process at self-checkout

Clients confirm their age without human interaction

Accelerates the checkout process, increases customer traffic

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The hardware selected by the engineers, together with the one-kind software from CAV development team, makes age verification not only accurate and fast, but also safe. Our innovative age detection and verification technology cannot be fooled by a photograph, mask or even a fake document.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Quick verification process
  • Clients remain anonymous
  • Customer data is not stored after purchase
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All management takes place through the web environment


Connects via MDB cables or API


Verification is done in seconds

Always Sync

Integrated 4G modem and network card provide a constant connection to the server